The Big Idea  
  ...syndicates ad-supported print comics across all digital platforms.  
                      Print cartoons have always been bite-sized gifts of humor alongside the front page
                    and the box scores.
  ...owns an exclusive license to The New Yorker magazine library of cartoons.  
                      It’s often said that 98% of New Yorker readers read the cartoons first while the other
                    2% are lying.
  ...will soon be adding some of the most popular comic properties in the
world to our line-up.
                      By animating this highly popular content, RingTales transports the print comic                     experience into the digital world.  
  ...presents a unique and compelling package for viewers, web site owners
and advertisers...
                      For VIEWERS, we offer snack-size entertainment that's a welcome break from your day.  
                      For WEB SITES, we produce both value added content that will enhance the user                     experience as well as revenues from our unique ad-supported cartoons.  
                      For ADVERTISERS, we package easily targeted popular content with five second
                    post-roll spots that deliver reach and results across all digital media.


    The Guys Behind the Big Idea  

     Jim Cox

       Over 20 years as a feature animation producer and
       writer including co-executive producer on the
       DreamWorks Animation 2006 hit, “Over the Hedge”
       ($335 million in world wide box office).
       Other credits include producer/screenwriter on
       “Ferngully,” story on “Beauty and the Beast”
       and screenwriter on “Oliver and Company.”


     Michael Fry

       Internationally syndicated cartoonist for over 20
       years. Co-creator of the “Over the Hedge” comic
       strip that inspired the DreamWorks animated
       feature. Executive producer of the prime time
       animated series, “Committed,” based on his comic
       of the same name. Creator, producer, writer,
       animator and voice actor of the animated on-line
       series, “Live Nude Geeks,” for PC Magazine.
       Author or co-author of nine books.



    The Rest of the Team  
       Karen Knighton

        With an undergraduate degree in film production and a graduate degree in experimental animation, Karen's         goal is to own and operate an aviary when she retires from RingTales.
       Jason Decker

        Started off as an actor, trained as a stage director, worked as a lighting designer and then decided to throw in         the towel and jump coasts to make moving pictures.
       Christopher Thompson

        Chris holds a BFA in intermedia as well as a graduate degree in experimental animation, he also likes craft         beer and artisan cheese.



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